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Sue Nero Biography Photo Sue Nero Biography
Born: 7/6/1959
Aliases: Susanne Nero, Suzanne Nero, Susie Nero, Susann Nero, Sue Nero, Susan Shields, Scarlett Kennedy

Date of Birth: July 6th, 1959
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Resident in Long Island, New York
Aliases: Susan Shields | Suzanne Nero | Scarlett Kennedy
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 128 lbs Waist: 25 Hips: 37
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Breast: 36F

Sue Nero was born on July 6th, 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts of Jewish (and, some say, Italian) heritage, Ms Nero was active first as a stripper, then as a porn actress when she moved to California in '78. She made a number of loops and films (often appearing as a supporting player with other big-bust stars, like Vanessa Del Rio and Candy Samples) over the next ten years. With her kinky cloud of dark hair, exotic looks, small frame, and huge fun bags, she made an impression every time the camera turned on her. Many magazines of the time -- Gent, High Society, Boobs amongst them -- gave her feature spreads, covers and interviews. In 1988, she decided to concentrate once again on exotic dancing, and was still active at least into the mid 90s.

Porn Star Susan Nero had the lusty look of a Jewish American Princess on a sex bender. With her kinky black hair, pouty good looks, thin little frame and monstrous natural breasts, Susan Nero smoldered on screen with a fiery sexuality that bubbled just beneath her cool exterior. She was one of the most sex-crazed starlets in 70's and 80's porn, doing it all and then some with the ribald gusto of a nasty nymphomaniac.

Born and raised in Boston, Susan Nero was working as an exotic dancer in 1978 when she decided to move to the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there that a boyfriend suggested that she try her hand at porno work. Susan Nero quickly became a highly sought after supporting player who lent her enormous talents to quite a few erotic shorts and quickie loops in the late 70's. She preferred working with women on camera, even though off-screen she was a confirmed heterosexual.

Susan Nero was one of the first truly down-and-dirty sex performers, engaging in interracial, anal, group, and lesbian sex with an ardor that was truly ahead of her time. She worked off and on in the industry for the next ten years, alternating her shooting schedule with her busy strip career. By 1988, Susan Nero decided to devote herself full-time to stripping and left the porno biz. Susan Nero left behind a catalog full of her enchanting performances. She set the tone for the big-boob wave of the 1980's, but never quite attained the stardom that seemed likely for her when she started. Last known was an active dancer with Club 90 with a few of her porn buddies Gloria Leonard, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols, and Veronica Vera.

A bit of history spoken of in NY - Hbmcc writes on RAME: "The Harmony theatres/clubs were tame reincarnations of the incomparable Melody theatre on 46th [St. in New York], finally shut down when it was discovered a high ranking city official was part owner. The Melody Mardi Gras (briefly copied by the O'Farrel in San Francisco until busted) featured at least a dozen completely naked girls who mingled with the audience. While I saw Sue Nero once or twice in the later days, Tish Ambrose was a regular. While I never saw a bj - the unspoken policy was that customers remain zipped up - many girls offered hair sandwiches to be consumed on stage."

Tresix says: 'Sue last appeared in the Oct. '99 issue of OVER 40 magazine. In it, she talks about how she got started in the porn business (after going west because she was in love with a Laura Dern-look alike), how she got involved in drugs and what she's doing now. Currently, she is back in her hometown of Boston, MA and is recovering from injuries she incurred when she got hit by a bus while riding her bicycle. She is also currently enrolled in college. I don't know if she is accepting any fan letters at this time. I tried to contact her through the magazine, but received no reply.'

We agree, Susie never got the chance to star in leading roles, at least not that we ever saw. However, in the context of late 1970s-early '80s porn, when there weren?t so many products on the market, even though she could be classified as a "B"-list star, she was probably more well-known and had a lot higher profile than many young women who "star" in productions today! We were reviewing her filmography and thinking about the films we saw her in. It's been so long ago that some memories are a little hazy, but even though she was in a lesser role in just about everything we saw her in, her scenes were almost uniformly memorable; she really "stuck out" from the crowd, both because of her inherent, nasty sexiness and her beautiful, big all-natural breasts! (She and Lisa DeLeeuw ruled in that department back then!) Here's what we remember: As we say, just about all if not all these film featured her in lesser roles, but were standouts. Our favorite scene with her has to be in For the Love of Pleasure, where she's in the opening scene with Jamie Gillis He plays a burglar who breaks in her house while she's alone in bed. She gets the drop on him and at gunpoint demands he make love to her. The ensuing scene is super-hot and features eye-popping breast-sex and manipulation. We saw it in a THEATRE way back when and we STILL remember what a turn on it was! (BTW, after the climax she hears her husband coming home, and she ruthlessly shoots and kills Jamie! This sends him off to heaven, where the rest of the picture is set).

Other good examples of how she could steal the show with just the least little appearance are Exposed and Inside Desiree Cousteau. In the first she only appears in a movie-in-a-movie, the schlock flick "Cheerleaders in Bondage" that is supposedly being shot in the film. We don't even remember if she did any hardcore in it, but the sight of her trussed up in bondage gear was a real groin-stiffener! In the latter movie she was only in an orgy scene that closed out the film, but even among the sea of writhing bodies she stood out and your eyes kept seeking her out.

We also remember her as one of the guards in the prison-set Ball Game and she made a great bull-dykey type. In Beyond Your Wildest Dreams she has a real scorcher of a lez scene with another busty babe of the time, Holly McCall. We also recall her fondly in a couple of real cheapies, Sissy's Hot Summer and One Way at a Time, which, judging from the look of the films and the cast, must have been shot one after the other. We know we saw her in Fantasy (originally titled Fantasy Island) too, but we can barely remember that one, despite recalling it as a big production of the time with an all-star cast.
- Hermit C-2

I remember a film she did on 8mm that was just the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I can still remember her with these two guys, one white, one black. She made each of them ejaculate three times. I saw the movie several times to make sure of what I was viewing - just for referral purposes mind you. Ahem, anyway, she deep throated like nobody else and showed how much she loved it. Wow! They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

I also remember how much lesbians loved being with her. She really seemed to be well liked in the business. I could imagine just being a friend to some of the other women in the business, especially women nowadays who have the fake boobs and little or no ass. I'm just not that attracted to them. So they wouldn't have to worry about me trying to get with them all the time.

But with Susan Nero, there would be a lot of flirting and interest. Even if she weren?t interested, I would be. Most others don't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, there are some like Carol Connors, Desiree Cousteau and many I don't know the names of that really did it for me back then. I'm just not into the fake boobs. Some have excellent jobs done and they are really sexy on their own anyway, but for the most part - nope. Susan is one that's always been at the top of my list.

Many sightings of Sue have put her still in and around the Manhattan area as far as work goes, but few sources have stated that she actually resides over on Long Island near the shore.

Interview: Sue Nero
(December 1982)

One of the women most responsible for the success of uninhibited coupling, inspired oral artistry, and general carnal mayhem in porn films is Sue Nero, and her fans love it! The furious, animal energy of her sexual antics produces an almost unbearable tension. What Sue Nero seems to be saying sexually is that fornication is never sinful when youíre having fun, and especially when thereís financial compensation for doing something that gives you so much pleasure. Her style of seduction is wild sexual abandon, recklessly orgiastic in its skillful execution. Whether sheís giving head or getting piped, SUE NERO knows how to look exciting, how to appear totally entrenched in whatever role sheís playing.

Oddly enough, the big-boobed brunette has yet to be featured as a lead in a movie, a fact that disappoints both the native New Englander and her adoring fans. Her work in the raunchy loops for the Diamond Collection and the Pretty Girls series offers overwhelming evidence that this shapely cooze queen can bump and roll an a weiner with the best of bimbos. Youíll probably recall her slutty slurpings in such recent fuck-a-thons as The Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace, Ball Game, Garage Girls, and Casting Couch. Sue Nero heats up the screen with a white-hot method of erotic acting that firmly grabs true porn aficionados in the crotch, then leaves them rock-hard and throbbing. Openly wanton, sheís definitely a hard worker, whether in the saddle or underneath it.

The following PORNMAG interview with Sue reveals her to be a boldly frank yet deeply sensitive woman intrigued that bizarre combo of immorality and romance. She enjoys male company, feels at ease with it. She is consequently able to talk about absolutely anything!

PORNMAG: Say something about the humble beginnings of SUE NERO Nero, porn star. Whatís your background?

SUE NERO: Iím from a little town outside of Boston. I grew up in a strict, middle-class family. My parents were very uptight while I was growing up, which is probably why Iím so wild today. I wasnít allowed to go out with boys until I was 16. I was very athletic in high school, competing in all kinds of sports, and a varsity cheerleader as well.

PORNMAG: What kind of girl were you in high school?

SUE NERO: I went through a change in high school when I moved from cheerleading to hanging out with Vietnam vets, experimenting with drugs, and things like that.

PORNMAG: How did you break into the porn business?

SUE NERO: It just happened. I wasnít trying to break into the business. (laughs) All that happened was that I met this porn actor, Jessie Adams. He told me that they were looking for big-breasted women for the Pretty Girl loop series, so I went to interview for the part, I shot four loops on the spot and made $1200 on my first day in porno. Good money. I never made that kind of money for loops again. Nobody pays $300 for a loop. Now I make a lot of money since Iím a name, but that kind of money is unusual.

PORNMAG: You went from loops to films, right?

SUE NERO: I was really Queen of the court for a while. I made a lot of loops for the Diamond Collection and Pleasure Productions. Everywhere you went, you saw SUE NERO Nero in a loop. One thing that bothers me is that Iíve never starred in a movie in my four years in the business. I hate that.

PORNMAG: Wy do you think that has happened?

SUE NERO: I donít know why, I think the producers, the guys who back these movies, donít like big women like me. Either I intimidate them or they just like some little blonde, some little girl. They donít want to see a big girl do a starring role. Usually I just do one scene per movie, thatís it. Vanessa Del Rio did that for a long time before she started getting starring roles. Sheís been in the business for eight years. Iíve been in for four. So maybeÖ And Iím not struggling to be the top porn star, thatís for sure. I just want to make good money while I can make it.

PORNMAG: What was your first sexual experience? Do you remember it?

SUE NERO: The first time I had sex was when I was 16, and the guy is gay now. I didnít turn him on too much, I guess. He was probably gay before he had sex with me. I didnít like it my first time. It hurt and I didnít like it. I figured the only way to find out what sex was all about would be to go out with older men. I never wen out with boys my own age. First, I was too big for them. They didnít like me. I was never attracted to younger men. I was always intrigued by big, domineering men.

PORNMAG: (Laughs) The kind that can toss you around.

SUE NERO: Yeah. My first real boyfriend was a welterweight boxer and he got me pregnant, too, in high school. My mother really freaked out. After that, my family labeled me a slut. I was considered loose. I got a bad reputation in my family so that was it.

PORNMAG: Youíre known for your big breasts. How do you feel about being so big up top?

SUE NERO: Hopefully, Iím known for more than that. (Laughs) My breasts are what has helped me make money all these years. They may not be the best looking tits around, but they sure are big. I used to have a complex about them. I still do.

PORNMAG: What do you mean?

SUE NERO: Iím tripped by how people stare at them all the time. When I was a cheerleader, they called me ďJugsĒ and I would go out on the floor during basketball season, and the fans would love to watch me bounce up and down.

PORNMAG: Your tits seem to draw people to you. Remember when we were out on the street and the guys were asking if you were going out? Does that upset you?

SUE NERO: That infuriates me when they do that. They assume that because Iím a big, buxom chick walking down the street that I must be a hooker. I donít hide my shit. I want to dress sexy, but they just naturally assume Iím a hooker.

PORNMAG: What thing would you not do in films?

SUE NERO: All the cliche things people donít want to do, like anal sex, fistfucking. I do things that I think are hot on the screen. I try to get into everything I do. Even if the guys are not that hot, I try to get into it. The things I do with women are not in my personal life at all. I just do it for films, and while I do it for films, I really donít get anything out of it. I donít pursue women in my personal life at all. I experimented at one time, even had relationships with women, but now Iím not interested.

PORNMAG: Why arenít you interested?

SUE NERO: Because Iíd rather have dick. (Laughs) Thereís nothing that a woman canít do for me to make me come that I canít do myself.

PORNMAG: A lot of female porn stars say that they donít get off when theyíre shooting these films. Is that true?

SUE NERO: Itís hard to get off. Youíre constantly switching positions. I mean, Iím not saying that I never have, because I have gotten off in films with guys that had a certain expertise. Like this one guy Ė King Paul of the Diamond Collection Ė I think heís one of the best. But itís hard because theyíre constantly giving you directions and you canít totally get into it Ė or you may be self-conscious with all of the people on the set.

PORNMAG: What about all the people on the set Ė does that bother you?

SUE NERO: It doesnít bother some people, but I find it takes away from my concentration.

PORNMAG: How does the SUE NERO Nero of the screen differ from the SUE NERO Nero in real life?

SUE NERO: I like that question. I think SUE NERO Nero on the screen comes across a little more sinister and hard looking than the real SUE NERO. Iím actually a sweet and soft person. Iím not as hard as people think. Itís true. They make me look worse on film. They use wide-angle lens on me. They make me look bigger. People come up to me and say that I donít look like I do on the screen. They also mess up when they put on my makeup.

PORNMAG: Is that look a part of your appeal? They always seem to give Vanessa and you a larger-than-life, smutty image.

SUE NERO: Yeah. Most of the parts I play are old women. I always play the older woman because Iím big. In my last film for Henri Pachard, I played a little girl, but that was my fantasy. You know, I think itís called THE WIDESPREAD SCANDAL OF LYDIA LACE. Iím this self-confident lawyer and I go to this place, Fantasy Manor, where everyone acts out their fantasies. I go in very self-assured carrying my briefcase. I get into role playing a little girl and I revert back into that personality. Itís easy for me to do, because thatís how I am a lot of the time. Iím really just a baby with big tits. Thatís all I am. So it was really easy for me to play that part. It was fun. All I had to do for a sex scene was to give a blowjob, which is my specialty.

PORNMAG: Why do you feel that youíre so popular?

SUE NERO: Iím really not that popular anymore. I think Iím losing my popularity in porn.

PORNMAG: Why is that?

SUE NERO: Because nobody is giving me parts anymore. I feel like I have to go back to California to get parts in feature films. I think maybe theyíre sick of me. Maybe thereís other big-breasted women in the business that they like better, like Anna Ventura. I donít know.

PORNMAG: Whatís the kinkiest thing youíve ever done?

SUE NERO: Hitchhiking one night to the Hellfire Club with Jamie Gillis. Who does that? No, that wasnít the kinkiest thing, but it was wild. That place was a trip.

PORNMAG: That couldnít be the kinkiest thing.

SUE NERO: Oh, I know! Two years ago, the owner of one of the largest menís magazines had a party at his estate after the X-rated film awards in L.A. I partied with his girlfriend and him at his house. That was the kinkiest and wildest sexual experience I ever had, because heís such a famous person. Iíve got to say the man is not bad. He was very good, very imaginative and creative. We did things in bed that Iíve never thought of doing before.

PORNMAG: Like what?

SUE NERO: Can I talk about this?

PORNMAG: Why not? You know, the publicís right to know and all that.

SUE NERO: What the hell! Oh, heís fucked every girl in L.A. anyway. He blindfolded me and made me guess who was giving me head. You know, stupid stuff like that. I donít know if heíd want me to mention the other things he did, so I better not.

PORNMAG: No rope tricks, I hope.

SUE NERO: No bondage or anything like that. I donít think I should say any more.

PORNMAG: What has been the craziest place you ever made love?

SUE NERO: I donít know, because the crazy places get me off. Thatís what I call the ďrisk factorĒ. You see, a risk factor is a place where you could get off but probably never would. You might get caught but you probably wonít. I gave my ex-husband, who I still love, a blowjob on the staircase of the Hotel Fairmount in San Francisco. I did another guy in an elevator at a hotel there, but he came so quick that it hardly mattered. (Laughs) He got off between floors.

PORNMAG: What do you think about when youíre in bed with someone you donít like? How do you make love to someone you hate?

SUE NERO: I think about the money. (Laughs) No, it doesnít bother me. It doesnít fuck up my psyche or anything like that. I just figure itís a job and Iím trying to get into it. The guy would have to be really ugly or an irritating personality for me to not be able to go through with it, because Iím a good actress and I can fake it. And thatís usually what I do.

PORNMAG: You were talking earlier about your sexual fantasies. What is one of your favorite fantasies?

SUE NERO: Everybody asks me that. I donít even think I have any. Iím boring when it comes to sexual fantasies. My favorite thing sexually is watching men jerk off, and thatís not really exciting. Iím not into group sex or going to Platoís or bondage or S&M. Iím not into anything wild. Iím just into old-fashioned sex.

PORNMAG: Whatís so hot about watching men jerk off?

SUE NERO: Nothing. Thereís nothing wild about it. Itís just a visual thing. I just like to watch sexy men. Naturally, Iíd want them to have big dicks. If itís visual, it has to look good.

PORNMAG: What do your parents think of what you do?

SUE NERO: Oh, theyíre absolutely appalled by it. My mother thinks Iím sick. She thinks I have a serious problem, that Iíve been oversexed for years. They attribute it to problems I had while I was growing up. They think Iím rebelling because of my strict upbringing. My family was tight for a while, and it broke up when I was about 16. So, my mother thinks Iíve been psychologically damaged by it and Iím lashing out at the family by getting involved with porno. I donít think itís true, but maybe it is true. I donít know.

PORNMAG: What was your motivation for getting into it?

SUE NERO: I fell into it. Iím lazy, basically. Iím not a 9-to-5 person and thatís why Iím in the business. I do not want a desk job. When I tried to have a straight job, I always got fired. Someone was jealous or someoneÖ

PORNMAG: Or someone, like the boss, was always trying to see your tits or get you to give him head.

SUE NERO: Right. If I didnít, I would get fired. There was always some jealous chick messing with me. That was always my problem. I just donít look like a 9-to-5′er. Iíve had people approach me to do sexual favors for money all my life. When I got into porno, I figured at least Iím not a hooker. Iím getting paid for sex with young men who are all basically good looking. Some may be airheads, but theyíre good looking. And itís fun. While I lived in San Francisco, I had fun.

I did have some bad things happen to me because I was in the business. I was raped when I was in San Francisco. I believe it was because I was in the business. The guy had material on me that heíd been collecting on me since I started in porn. He was a sick guy.

PORNMAG: How did that happen? What did he do to you?

SUE NERO: Apparently, heíd been watching me for some time, and I didnít know it. He broke into my apartment while I wasnít there, and he took some matchbooks, rolled them up and stuck them into the jams of the windows. You know, if this story gets out, people are going to get ideas and do it again.

PORNMAG: No, your story might be a deterrent. Somebody may spot something theyíre doing wrong to lure a sickie like this guy. It may make someone more careful.

SUE NERO: Well, he was stealing articles of my clothing and pictures out of my portfolio. He had my phone number, which was unlisted in San Francisco. He got it right off the phone and I was getting harassing calls. One night, I was in this disco, Studio West, and I even smoked a joint with the guy right before I went home. I knew him. He was a gay guy. At least, he always acted gay. When I started my car that night, I noticed his car through the rear view mirror. I thought it as unusual, but I didnít think much about it. Later, after I was asleep, I felt this cold air coming in and I got up to shut the window. I saw this figure coming through the window. The guy was big, very big. I freaked out. I ran to the phone to call the police, but it was too late. He was already inside, and he raped me. It was a very bad experience.

PORNMAG: That sounds like something you want to forget. Letís deal with something a little lighter. Everybody has embarrassing moments. Why donít you tell me one of your most embarrassing moments in a film?

SUE NERO: In a film? Too bad. I thought you were going to ask about something that happened to me on stage. Iíll tell you about the stage one anyway. I fell while on stage in Chicago at the Oak Theater. I made a great entrance. The duster of my outfit was too long, I think. I donít know, but I was doing a spin and my foot slipped. Usually, my dancing is really nice, good control and everything. Everybody felt bad for me. I could see their faces and they all felt bad, but I recovered very well.

I canít think of an embarrassing moment in a film. Well, maybe you can count when a guy comes when heís not supposed to. You have to work doubly hard to get him up again and off again. Maybe he had come while the camera wasnít running, so you have to work that much harder. That happened once during the filming of the Diamond Collection with two guys. I donít like working with two guys at one time. I find that hard.

PORNMAG: Why is a duo so tough to work with?

SUE NERO: I like to concentrate on one man. I like to put my all into one man, you know? I canít concentrate on two sexy men. On this film, I didnít like one of the men but he has one helluva dick on him. And he was hot. These two men had personality conflicts that made it harder to work with them.

PORNMAG: What was the problem with them?

SUE NERO: I was seeing one of the guys on the outside, and he didnít like the other guy either. They both had big dicks and they were both trying to outdo each other. The egos of the guys in the business are worse than the women I think.

PORNMAG: I saw that loop last Monday. Sizzling stuff. One of the guys was screwing you on a table, with your legs spread-eagle.

SUE NERO: Uh-huh. That was when he came. It took me forever to shoot that scene. I was really mad. It took hours and hours to do it, since I hate the guy, and I wasnít into getting him up again. And he came inside me, which really pissed me off.

PORNMAG: I thought that coming inside a woman during filming was taboo, a no-no?

SUE NERO: Right. He couldnít help himself, I guess. Itís not that he was so attracted to me. I donít know why he did it, because we definitely didnít hit it off outside of the business. Weíll speak to each other, but weíre not the best of friends. He was a centerfold for Playgirl. His ego is a little too big for me, but Iíve got to admit that he does have a big dick on him.

PORNMAG: You love those big dicks, donít you?

SUE NERO: (Laughs) Iíd be a liar if I said no. You know, no man Iíve lived with was ever hung that well. I canít take those big dicks every day. Iím into a visual thing. I can look at them all day long and get off. But feeling them in certain positions can really tear up a girl. It really can. I donít want to get into my anatomy.

PORNMAG: Why not? Our readers need an anatomy lesson now and then.

SUE NERO: Iím shallow. I canít take those big dicks from behind. It hurts me. Itís true. People always think big girls always have big pussies. Thatís not right.

PORNMAG: You were talking earlier about lovers and their response to your being in the business. Are most of your lovers jealous of the other men they see you fuck on the screen?

SUE NERO: I once had a lover who was the only man who could accept my work. Baby, if youíre out there and read this, come back. He was beautiful and looked like Sugar Ray Leonard, only better. A very suave and debonair guy. He wasnít jealous of any of the other guys. He knew it was just work. He would never question me and he was never threatened by the business. People say it was because he didnít give a shit about me. At the time, I thought he cared. I donít know now.

PORNMAG: Was he the exception or the rule?

SUE NERO: I donít know. Some men seem fairly tolerant.

PORNMAG: What roles would you like to do? What would you do in a legit film?

SUE NERO: I would just do it. I would do whatever they wanted. I havenít really pursued it at all. I think I can act. Anybody can have sex on film., but I think I can act.

PORNMAG: It really doesnít take much talent, does it? You just lay on your back and whimper. (Laughs) Just joking.

SUE NERO: (Laughs) No, thatís not true. I canít say that. Of course, some women lay on their backs and whimper, but itís also looking hot that gets men off. The real avid porn fans know if youíre really getting into it or if youíre faking it. Theyíve all told me that I look really hot on the screen. Most of the time, I was really into it. I was really enjoying fucking these guys. There are a few that I didnít, but most of them, yeah. The fans have even picked out films that I really know I got off in. They say you were really good in this one or that one.

PORNMAG: Do you remember the names of some of these films?

SUE NERO: I remember a loop in particular. Wow! It was great! I should have paid the guys. (Laughs) The loop was called Black Chauffeur, and itís not because I like black men better than white men. I want to say something about that. Theyíve been saying that in all my interviews.

PORNMAG: Well, donít you like black men better? Thatís the rap on you.

SUE NERO: Itís true that I have a preference for dark-skinned men. It doesnít have to be black men, because it can be Italian men or Spanish men. I just donít like men of my own color, because opposites attract, and very light-skinned men just donít turn me on.

PORNMAG: Youíre not just saying this, are you? There might be trouble in certain quarters.

SUE NERO: No, Iím not. Itís not just black men. Iím into height and beautiful physiques. I used to have a thing for ball players. I did go out with a lot of them, but itís just black men. Thatís what they put in a lot of these interviews, and white guys come up to me and say, ďYou donít like your own kind.Ē Itís not true. Iím not prejudiced in any way. I just like sexy men.

PORNMAG: What do you consider a sexy man? Does he have to be 6′ 8″, a hulk type?

SUE NERO: Heís got to be very masculine, very self-assured. Thatís what I call a sexy man. Also, I like my man to be very oversexed. He has to want sex every day, at least twice a day.

PORNMAG: You once went out with a famous TV personality, a black man. How was that?

SUE NERO: I donít want to get into trouble, but he was boring, a total drag. I didnít like him. He flew me to LA the last time I was there. He has a beautiful house in the hills. Do you know what we did the whole time I was there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He had some friends over; Rick James and Michael Henderson came by and I wanted to run downstairs to meet them and he wouldnít let me. I stayed in his bedroom the whole time, making business calls, trying to line up some work. I did get some work. He took me out to dinner once. Heís so cheap. The man even flew me on Capitol Airlines, which is the cheapest airline. The man is boring. If I ever see him again, Iíll just say hello. The entire thing was nothing, no big deal.

PORNMAG: It has been said that you were one of the few supporters for minority performers in the business. What is your stand on the issue?

SUE NERO: Thatís true. Iím going to say this. Johnny Keyes had his day. There was another black man in the business, but they never used him because he wasnít that articulate or educated. I donít know if he could even read a script or anything, but he was one of the sweetest, kindest men youíd ever meet. He certainly wasnít good looking. Thereís one good looking black man in the business and heís mixed. Bill Dee. I havenít seen any other hot looking black men in porn.

PORNMAG: Why is that?

SUE NERO: I donít know. I think that the guys that cast these movies do it according to their tastes. What they like. They donít think about what the public might like. It doesnít matter because everything sells anyway. If thereís pussy and ass in the movie, it will sell.

PORNMAG: Is Johnny Keyes still around?

SUE NERO: Yeah. He still does stuff. I donít dislike him as a person. I just think heís not the only black man around with a big dick! The first time I worked with him was on a loop for Swedish Erotica with Serena and I really thought he was hot then. Boy, I got into sucking his dick all day long, because he appreciated it. Men that appreciate a good blowjob turn me on.

PORNMAG: Which do you like best, stripping or performing in films?

SUE NERO: At this point, I like stripping best, because I love dancing, because I love to turn men on. I love my shows because they allow me to be creative. I love teasing men. I really get off on it. I canít deny it.

PORNMAG: You rarely speak in films. Most people donít even know what your voice sounds like.

SUE NERO: Maybe itís my voice. I do have a baby voice. The donít like me. I donít know why.

PORNMAG: Why donít they like you? Have you ever thought about it?

SUE NERO: Iím not the type they want to star, because I have such an unusual look, I think. Iím not perfect looking at all. Iím attractive, butÖ

PORNMAG: But your face has character.

SUE NERO: Thereís a newcomer, Jo Ann Storm. Now sheís got the perfect body to be a star, a flawless, small body. But I think I have a good body too. They just donít give me a chance. A lot of men want to see a big-breasted woman get fucked.

PORNMAG: All the time. Do you ever tour the States, making personal appearances?

SUE NERO: Sure. Thatís what I do to make money. Iíve just been in New York City for a few months. But when I go on the road, I donít appear near Boston due to my family.

PORNMAG: What does your family say to you when they see you?

SUE NERO: Everyone in my hometown who knew me knows what I do, and I donít go back there, because they think Iím sick. When I was growing up, girls werenít allowed to play with me. I was a troublemaker, sometimes. I was always getting into trouble for stupid things like skipping school and shoplifting, even though I was athletic and got good grades. They always thought I was oversexed, and they were right. Iíve been boy crazy all my life. To my family, this business is sick. Thatís the way they think in New England, especially in Massachusetts. I hate Boston. I always wanted to get away from there. The people were always so far behind the times.

PORNMAG: What do you see happening in the porn business? What kind of future will it have?

SUE NERO: Let me say this. Guys go out and buy porno cassettes because of us. And do we make any money off of the sales? No. We donít make shit. We make a drop in the bucket compared to what they make on these films. They make millions. I worked at the trade show in Las Vegas two years ago and they told me that X-rated films sell better than straight films. When these guys buy a Betamax, they want the fuck films so they can watch them at home.

PORNMAG: So you feel the performers are getting ripped off?

SUE NERO: There should be a way we can get paid better or royalties or something so we can get a better share of the profits. A percentage. Itís a ripoff. This whole business is an exploitation of women. Thatís all it is. Weíre just a bunch of dumb cunts that you see on the screen, and we make a couple hundred dollars and they make millions and laugh all the way to the bank.

PORNMAG: Are there any good producers in the porn business?

SUE NERO: I really canít say. I never sat down and talked to any. Gerry Damiano is a good one. I donít have anything legitimate to compare to porn producers. Iíve learned a lot about filmmaking, but I feel weíve really been exploited. People that donít know me think Iíve made so much money, because of the many loops and films Iíve made. Iím struggling just like the next person. Iím not rich by any means. I make more money than your average 9-to-5 working girl, but I have to go through a lot of bull to get it.

PORNMAG: Have you ever thought about leaving the business?

SUE NERO: Yes, Iíve thought about it. When I was in San Francisco, a lot of weird stuff was happening to me, so I figured I had to leave porn, especially after I got raped. Before, I wanted to get married and have babies. I wanted kids. I wanted to lead a straight life. Now I donít know.

PORNMAG: Youíve moved around quite a bit. Tell us about living with Vanessa Del Rio. What was that like?

SUE NERO: After I left San Francisco, I came to New York to recover. It was my first appearance at the Melody and Vanessa was there. Afterwards, I was hanging out and Vanessa offered to let me stay with her for a couple of days. I ended up staying there for five months or more.

PORNMAG: Why is Vanessa so popular? What makes her so special?

SUE NERO: Vanessa exudes sex. She looks like a sexy tigress and sheís raw. Sheís very oral. Her mouth is sexy. I think I know her better than a lot of people in the business because I lived with her. Iíve seen all sides of her. Weíre still good friends. I just saw her two days ago. If we can help each other out, we do it. But she does look out for number one first and weíre similar like that. Still, sheís good people.

PORNMAG: Everyone says good things about Samantha Fox. Why does everybody love her so much?

SUE NERO: Thereís not a bad word you could say about that lady. Sheís the most sincere, sweetest woman Iíve ever met in the business. Sheíd give you the shirt off her back, sheís that generous. We went to the New York Health and Racquet Club together while she was here for an appearance at the Melody, and I had a great time. We took an advanced exercise class tother and I kept up with her. She refused to let me pay for anything. Sheís been working out a long time and it shows. She looks great.

PORNMAG: There was a big uproar over Chuck Vincentís movie, Roommates, when it was shown at legit movie houses. If I remember the commercial right, it said: ďThe door is open.Ē Is the door open? Are porn movies going to be finally accepted?

SUE NERO: I donít think hard-core films will ever be considered legit, maybe soft-core films will. Even though that movie was shown in legitimate theaters, it didnít go over well, from what I heard. I was told that it didnít do that great. I didnít see it, so I canít really say. I wish hard-core films would be more accepted. Theyíre doing hard-core films more tastefully now. Harsh close-ups of insertions are not necessarily sexy.

I think the idea of tease and seduction is what makes films sexy. If you see a couple talking and theyíre in bed the next scene, thatís not hot. I want to see hot, passionate kisses and caressing, leading up to the sex. Thatís a lot sexier. Thereís a movie I saw that was a remake of an old movie and Jack Nicholson was in it. What was its name?

PORNMAG: I know the film youíre talking about. A real smoker. The Postman Rings Twice. I believe that John Garfield and Lana Turner were in the original.

SUE NERO: Yeah, right. Now that was the hottest sex scene Iíve seen in a long time! That was really hot! They made Jack Nicholson look like the hottest, sexiest, most animalistic man ever. I know the movie didnít go over that big, but it was dynamite.

PORNMAG: Nicholson and Jessica Lange looked like they couldnít keep their hands off each other. Thereís a great scene where heís fucking her on the kitchen table. That scene really cooks! Itís just plain lust.

SUE NERO: I loved that movie. Heís a real pig and I dug that. That film is so damn sexy to be a straight film. I couldnít believe it.

PORNMAG: What are you going to do when you leave the business?

SUE NERO: Iíve always had this idea about having a white picket fence and kids, but thatís only one small part of me. Iím an Aquarius and that means IĒm very free spirited. I just have this wild nature about me. I still want to have some kind of a career, where I wonít have to depend on a man for money. I always want to make my own money, because my mother was totally lost after 19 years of marriage. We had very comfortable surroundings when I was growing up. But when my father left, she was lost. She had a breakdown. I donít want that to ever happen to me. Iíd like to stay in dancing or acting or anything in the performing arts. Someday I may try a 9-to-5 job, but people tell me that it wonít work.

PORNMAG: I donít think that it would work either. What would you differently if you could get a fresh start?

SUE NERO: I could have taken a portfolio around and gotten some modeling jobs, if I really had followed through with the agents. I didnít think I had a chance at the time. It was just luck that I got into porno. I never had the confidence to do anything else. It was hard for me to figure what talents I had. I knew I could dance, but I couldnít do that professionally because Iím so big-titted. I really couldnít get a job.

PORNMAG: You really have a thing about your tits. Why? Believe me, thereís nothing wrong with big breasts.

SUE NERO: A lot of people keep telling me to have them reduced. When I was in Las Vegas, I inquired about a job as a showgirl, but I was too big. And do you know how much those girls make? About $400 or $500 a week.

PORNMAG: So youíve thought about having them reduced, going under the knife.

SUE NERO: Yes, Iíve thought about it. It involves too much scarring.

PORNMAG: Donít do it. What usually happens to women after they get out of porn. Is there life after porn?

SUE NERO: I donít know. I heard that Jennifer Wellles married a millionaire and Hillary Summers is supposedly engaged to a guy worth over $5 million dollars. But these are fairy tales. I donít know what happens to ex-porn stars. I donít know what could happen to me. It could destroy my life or maybe it wonít affect me. Sometimes I worry about having kids. I wonder if it will affect them when they get older. People might make fun of their mother, hurt them that way. My mother says Iím always going to carry the guilt for my work for the rest of my life.

PORNMAG: Do you believe what she says?

SUE NERO: It depends onÖ no. If i have the right attitude about it, I can just laugh it off, shrug it off. Like I know, these people are uptight. They have their own sexual insecurities. They canít deal with se, but I can deal with it. I donít think that IĒm dirty or nasty or evil because I do porn. I have had fun. I was 20 years old when I started in the porn business. I have no regrets. All I can say is that I have enjoyed myself.

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